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Welcome to Royal Properties

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Planning to purchase real estate?   Our MLS link is a great place to start.  Our licensed and knowledgeable sales professionals will guide you through every step of the way, to locate and purchase  just the right property for you.  We offer the same level of service to our sellers, using our website exposure, MLS, […]


A Career in Real Estate

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Have you ever considered a career in real estate?  Whether considering a career change, a part-time career to supplement your income, or as a way to stay active and productive in retirement.  Real estate offers excellent earning opportunities and the freedom to set your own goals and schedules.  Royal Properties is a great way to […]

  • Community Events

    Join us at Fresno Successful Thinkers Network for a different way of Networking!

    Fresno Successful Thinkers Network Business Networking

    We have changed our meeting location and time.  Hope to see you on Tuesday!

    Shamanism Workshop - Divided in 3 days - PART 1

    Shamanism & Curanderismo Central Valley Area

    WHAT IS A SHAMAN? It is known that a Shaman is a person who has the ability to see and spirit travel to the Spiritual World at will becoming a bridge or a messenger between the physical world and the Spiritual World.  HOW DOES THIS HELP? One of...

    Contracts - How a recent court decision could affect your Real Estate Business

    The 559 Real Estate Investor & Business Owner Community

    Our meeting this month we will be discussing a court case that makes it important to have your contracts reviewed. Click the link below to read what happened in the state Wisconsin.   This why reading your contract is important. Click Here To...